New Rolet Datacenter at 1102 Grand

We have very good news. Rolet has a new datacenter. We will be moving servers to our new datacenter at 1102 Grand in downtown Kansas City, MO. This is a sizable upgrade in redundancy, security, and bandwidth for Rolet and all of our clients.

We will be flexible in every aspect to make this a smooth transition.

Please Change External IPs to Subdomains

  • FTP Servers
  • MySQL and MS SQL connection strings and management addresses
  • Any service tied to an IP address has a subdomain, e.g., and
  • DNS Names are provided under Services in your Client Interface.
  • All external IP addresses will change, e.g., will change to x.x.x.100.
  • Please contact support with any questions.

Estimated Downtime

  • We estimate 1-2 hours of downtime for each hosted service, dedicated and colocated servers. We have listed move date options below. High weekend traffic services will be moved off hours during the week.

How we’ll move over 100 servers in 3 weeks

We are configuring the room with new firewalls, routers, switches, PDUs, cabinets, shelving, etc. The only items we’ll be concerned with during each move are physical servers.

Each week prior to selected move date Rolet will:

  • Power down all servers for 15 minutes to check for potential hardware failure.
  • Set all DNS TTLs to one hour.

The Move

  • We will move select services and dedicated clients in groups.
  • All of your dedicated servers will be moved in one trip.
  • DNS and IPs in server configurations will be changed prior to powering down for the move.
  • Once installed, all services should be restored. Any issues will be addressed immediately.

Carrier Hotel/Internet Hub

We are moving into a building known as 1102 Grand. It is the major Midwestern internet hub and is the most fiber dense network neutral interconnection facility in the region. A number of cross country fiber routes pass through the building, putting our NOC as close to the hub as possible.

We chose this location for many reasons. Rolet hasn’t moved in 10 years and we never want to move servers again. We plan to make this a permanent home for our primary NOC. Our next expansion outside of this building will be to add space in a similar building in a different geographical region.

IP Addresses

Until now, most of our IPs have been reallocated to us by Sprint. We have been approved for an ARIN AS (autonomous system) number and will be assigned a large block of portable IPs. This means our network will be carrier independent and we’ll be able to add carriers quickly. A direct allocation of IPs from ARIN is required to be multihomed.


We are adding two tier 1 internet carriers; Hurricane Electric and Cogent Communications. 29 carriers are available in the building for future growth, to add bandwidth or for specific client needs. Best routes to the datacenter will be determined automatically using BGP.


  • SAS 70
  • Video Surveillance
  • Card swipe and key code access with logging

Redundant Infrastructure

  • 3 x Liebert ICS Air Conditioners
  • 2 x UPS Systems
  • Caterpillar Backup Generator
  • Two Utility Power Grids (Kansas City Power & Light)
  • APC automatic transfer switches for A & B power
  • Load monitored PDUs with remote on/off switching control of individual outlets for power cycling

We’re excited to be able to increase our service level and add new infrastructure. If there is anything at all that we can do to help, please let us know. I will keep you informed on any changes and confirm specifics as we move forward.

Thank you from all of us at Rolet for your business.