Affiliate Summit West 2008 – Las Vegas

Rolet Internet Services had our first appearance at Affiliate Summit. And it was Awesome!

Saturday was incredible. We arrived at The Rio shortly after 5pm to our fantastic rooms! They were spacious, and beautiful but missing a very integral part of our lives. No coffee pots. At first we didn’t think this would be to big of a deal as there were two starbucks in the casino. We were WRONG. When your morning ritual revolves around that first cup in the morning, you NEED a coffee pot in your room. Note to self, always ask if there will be a coffee pot in the room…

After settling into our rooms, we hit the IBar for drinks before the Affiliate Dinner. I have been to casinos in Kansas City before, but since this was my first time in Vegas, I really didn’t have any idea of what to expect. The waitresses were very scantly clad. I was sure that our particular server was going to, umm, pop out of her top, that I had to ask her if this had ever occuried. She reassured me that she was taped in there and that there had never been an accident with any of the servers.

The Rio Ibar ASW08The Rio Ibar ASW08

Next we attended the Affiliate Dinner, where the theme of the evening was a roast on Brian Littleton, the founder of the ShareaSale affiliate network. (the only network I will run programs on) His employees put together a cute video of him wearing a Donald Duck costume. The best part of the video was the dancing at the end!

After the dinner we decided to go back to the Ibar for a few drinks and networking. We met some really great people while we there and I even got into a fight with a self proclaimed Domain Goddess. That was fun! All in all the first night in Vegas was successful and fun.

Wake up Sunday, need coffee….really really need coffee…shower, dress, makeup, gather all the items we need for our table at the Meet Market, and head down to register and start table set up…..Did I say, I really need coffee???????

After registering, dropping off our materials at our table, we decide we are hungry and head over to the Carnival buffet for breakfast. Yummy crab legs!!!!!! and let me say COFFEE!!!!!!!!

ASW08 Bob Crabs

The Meet Market was very successful. For 6 hours our table was full. Having delicious Artiko Chef Yule Log chocolate cake to hand out for free was extremely helpful with that.

Artiko Chef JGoode ASW08