Syncrify for Data Backup and Recovery

I’ve tested and used more than a dozen data backup and recovery programs in the past few years. With each one, I’ve had issues as a user or from a hosting perspective. All but one.

In 2011 I began backing up my primary PC and MacBook with Syncrify. We installed Syncrify server on a small VPS here at Rolet and mounted a share on a NAS. The server processes the files and stores them on reliable storage. Syncrify has been copying new and changed files every night for over a year. I’m able to access the files online, see encrypted copies on the storage system and I’ve received reliable email notifications after each backup process is complete.

Two weeks ago, my primary home office PC failed. The drives were shot and although data was recoverable, it would have taken more time to restore than to reinstall the operating system, programs and restore the backups.

I was concerned. To this point we had only tested Syncrify’s restore capability on small amounts data. 10GB was the most. I was looking at restoring 200+GB of data from our data center at Rolet to my house and Overland Park doesn’t have Google Fiber yet :)

Being a hosting wizard with access to our servers, I checked the data, followed the instructions and began restoring all the files from the data center to the new client machine. Since I have a larger RAID 5 drive on the new computer, I chose to remap the backup directory structure to different directories on the drive.

Other data backup and recovery projects have had at least one time consuming hiccup. Some were permissions issues, size, memory or CPU issues.

During the week long download, there was only one annoyance. While processing the deltas and downloading the files, Syncrify and javaw.exe consumed quite a bit of CPU while it was matching deltas. For larger backup and restore jobs, this can become an issue if the user needs to use the computer or if the backup client is running on a production server. There is a solution to this. Use Prio – Priority Saver. In task manager, set the priority of javaw.exe to Low and save as it with Priority Saver.

In the end, all folders and files were transferred to the new computer. This disaster recovery execution was a success.

We liked it so much, I trusted it with everything. Now, after further testing in our data center, we believe Syncrify is a viable product to offer as a hosted solution.

Rolet now offers Syncrify Offsite Backup plans for our clients. And new clients can subscribe to Syncrify under any plan. And we’re able to be very competitive with other data backup companies while offering a product that we think is superior to others we’ve tested.

Syncrify Offsite Backup Pricing

100 GB of backup space = $35/mo.

50 GB increments can be added for $15/mo.

We think this is a generous amount of space. Pricing is simple. And it can grow to as much space as you need without being capped or missing a backup. We’re working on the instant setup for you to purchase online. Until then, we’re a call or click away.

For more information, please call 816-471-1095 or contact us.