Rolet Syncrify Upgrade v3.4

Rolet Disaster Recovery

Our Rolet Syncrify backup service has really taken off. With the Syncrify 3.4 release, we’re adding Syncrify slave servers to handle failovers from the primary Syncrify server. We’re backing up more and more client computers and we’re ensuring our customers are able and supported to recover from a full backup.

A recent discussion in the office is how we handle our data. Evan said we handle the data like we handle our children. Carefully. No one wants to drop a child, right? Either way, you should download and install the Syncrify client from here:

Setup Rolet Disaster Recover & Syncrify Data Backup Service

Download & Setup:

Rolet Syncrify Backup & Recovery Services

We’ve been offering Syncrify to customers with virtual private servers, dedicated servers and off-site desktops & servers since 2011. We use Syncrify on most of our dedicated Windows servers that are used for shared hosting and can’t be happier. Now, we’re able to do more for our shared hosting customers when they experience an issue and we provide support for our managed hosting customers to ensure their data is backed up and that we can restore it to any hardware configuration, VPS or cloud server the customer would like to move to.

The recent Syncrify v3.4 release has come at perfect timing for many of our customers and for us at Rolet. We’ve been working with Synametrics. They’ve delivered another rock solid version of Syncrify with features that will help us compete with Carbonite, SOS and others.

We offer superior support and experienced people who know backup software.

More Control over your Backups

  • Restore a folder or file by date
  • Select a version of a file to restore
  • Save deleted files for days or weeks
  • Disaster recovery with multiple mirror servers
Your backups are only as good as your ability to restore your data. We’ve tested this restore process over and over again and know your data is safe and ready for you when you may need it most.

Call us at 816-471-1095. We can answer all of your questions and set you up today.

Disaster Recovery for Computers & Servers

Syncrify Backup Pricing

100 GB of backup space = $35/mo.

50 GB increments can be added for $15/mo.

We think this is a generous amount of space. Pricing is simple. And it can grow to as much space as you need without being capped or missing a backup. We’re working on the instant setup for you to purchase online. Until then, we’re a call or click away.

For more information, please call 816-471-1095 or contact us.