Improved SPAM Control Features

Rolet Email clients and Hosted Microsoft Exchange have improved features to control SPAM in the Rolet Client Interface.

  • Set your own SPAM Detection Level
  • View the SPAM Quarantine
  • Release non-SPAM email to your inbox.

Access Spam Control

Logon to The new settings are under the email section.

Spam Quarantine

If you want to see your spam, this is the place. These emails are NOT delivered to your inbox unless you check the box and click the Release button. All email marked as spam is stored in the quarantine for 14 days.

Click the Email tab at the top
Click Quarantine on the left
Search for an email address or a part of an email address

Spam Settings

Change your spam settings for each domain.
Detection Level (Medium) is the default.
“Med” catches 97% of spam messages.

Note on Detection Level

  • If you set your Detection Level to Med/High or High, it is very likely that legitimate email will be stored in the quarantine (above) and will not be delivered to your inbox.
  • Make sure you check the quarantine often for legitimate email ifyou change your Detection Level to a level above “Med”.

We hope this helps you control your spam settings based on your own needs.