Hurricane Irene & Backup MX / Email Backup Clients

Preparation for East Coast Backup MX Clients

As Hurricane Irene makes its way toward the East Coast, we have been load testing our Backup MX, email backup service to make sure clients using this service are 100% protected. We know one of the reasons you subscribe to this email service is for events like this and the insurance it provides to access your email if your in-house email server goes down.

Your Email is Safe

We have recalculated expected storage and load capacity based on all Backup MX clients going down at the same time. We are confident we can handle all current and prospective client capacity multiple times over.

At this time, we are primarily concerned with our East Coast clients who are likely to be affected by Hurricane Irene. Support is always available 24×7 by emailing or calling 816-471-1095. In the coming days we will pay close attention to calls and traffic coming from the East Coast.

For any client who needs it, we can increase our retention time from the standard 30 days. Please call or email if you need to increase your retention time for Backup MX or Backup MX Sync services.

Email Server Preparation

Check Secondary MX Records

For clients who are new to Backup MX or have updated your DNS records recent, make sure your secondary MX records are pointing to these servers:


Prepare Your Server

  1. Check the status of your current email backups
  2. Make sure you have backups of email and your email server
  3. Check your UPS (battery backup) and replace if necessary

May the Force be with you

We hope the best for all of our clients, their families and the entire East Coast.  We will be watching the news and thinking of you all. Please. Be safe, everyone.

About Rolet’s Email Backup Services

Some of our web hosting clients like hosting their own email in the offices, but don’t have the infrastructure to support full email services.

We developed our Backup MX and Backup MX + Sync services after September 11, 2001 due to client demand for an email “insurance policy” that would prevent the loss of email housed on client’s in-house servers for short or extended email server outages.

Subscribe to Backup MX

If your in-house email servers are not protected by our Backup MX solution, please learn more on our website and contact us for fast setup:

Call (816) 471-1095 or email:

Be safe everyone.